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COVID-19 Infection Control Suit

Dr. Demeo describes the benefits of the infection control suit! Washable and Reusable!

In the ongoing war against Coronavirus, a new technology can provide much-needed protection and benefits. The coronavirus C-Suit has patented thermal conductive capabilities that can enable dentists wearing C-Suits to be externally monitored for the onset of fever, one of the first signs of the disease.

The C-Suit provides protection against CBRN, Blood, Viruses and Heat Stress. This suit was developed to exceed ASTM F1670/F1671 Standards for blood and viral penetration resistance as per CDC guidelines released November 03, 2014. The C-Suit is thermo conductive, and a passive cooling system. The reduced heat stress translates to extended operational times and maximum comfort for the wearer.

The C-Suit has been scientifically proven to shield against the coronavirus and reduces heat stress leaving its wearer unencumbered and fully mobile.

Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey speaks about the C-Suit in use at Hellertown Dental Group


  • Dentists

  • First Responders

  • Those associated with Quarantine Support of potentially affected individuals from Coronavirus or other infectious diseases can be optimally protected while remaining comfortable while wearing the C-Suit.

  • The re-usable and 100% protective suit can allow for personnel temperature monitoring while the support worker or affected patient is wearing the suit


  • Chemical Resistant and Thermo Conductive

  • Certified to ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671

  • Washable, Reusable & Durable

  • Allows for External Temperature Monitoring

  • Allows for Long Times for the Wearer Without Heat Stress

  • Extremely Light Weight and Very Affordable

  • Prolonged use without heat stress

  • Made in the USA!


Benefits of C-Suit compared to standard disposable suit

Product Comparison Chart CSuit vs

Sizing Chart (Click to Enlarge)

Sizing Chart rev. 1.1.png
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