EONbt Antigen Screening Test Kit

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  • COVID-19 test results in 15 minutes or less

  • Eon's rapid test is handy, affordable, easy to use, dependable and quick

  • No prescription required!

  • Helps you get back to work or school sooner

  • Eon Health App is available from the download store.

  • The Health Pass on the Eon Health App can be used to enter building and offices where access is controlled on the basis of your test result.

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Please contact us with any questions regarding the COVID-19 rapid test kits or if you a require a quote.

We can be reached at info@rttechnologies.org,  

770-332-0092 or you may fill out the contact form below.  We look forward to working with you!

Product Benefits

  1.   Inexpensive - $24.95 (shipping charges are additional)​​

  2.  Rapid notification of results - 15 minutes!​

  3.  DIY - conduct and receive results at home or at work

  4.  Reliable and high efficacy*

  5.  Results can be uploaded through an optional data management               system via the phone app

  6.  Data Management allows for sharing of test results as needed via               email or SMS texts

  7.  No prescription needed!

Note:  App available in Android only.  iOS will be coming out in the future

The specifications of the detection kits displayed on this website have been submitted to the US FDA for approval, and the submissions have ACTIVE status under listing numbers D434067, D434070 and D434070

 *Disclaimer:  The information in this kit and the results of any test from this kit are limited and should not be the basis for any medical decisions. In all cases, a person should consult their personal physician or health professional prior to taking any actions that involve health and safety.”


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